Campaigns and Programs

— Tablet-Aprendo

We started with this new campaign in June 2020, due to the contingency for COVID-19. Seeking to promote the right to education and quality education. When our children return to the classroom, the use of these tablets as a teaching-learning tool will translate into more effective hours of study.


- Pedaling for education

This program is active throughout the year and in December new bicycles are delivered to children and young people in rural areas. The selection criteria goes hand in hand with the distance between your home and school.

More than 15 rural communities in the citrus growing area of Nuevo León have benefited from this program. Although not constantly, our direct beneficiaries are followed up.

- Health programs

Medical assistance brigades are carried out, giving special interest to ophthalmic, hearing, dental and nutrition / diabetes care.

These programs are aimed at all beneficiary communities, including students, mothers, fathers, grandparents, tutors, and teachers.

- Committed Sponsors

Educational Fund Gral. De Div. Anacleto Guerrero Guajardo has had the support and backing of large companies and individuals who share an interest in promoting the right to basic education in rural areas of our Mexico, generating solutions and tools that allow us to achieve a direct impact on our benefited communities.

This program is joined by individuals and Socially Responsible Companies, who wish to bet on the issue of education. Through this, financial and / or in-kind donations are received. This campaign is active throughout the year.


Application to national and international calls.